Day 172: Six.TwentySix.13

I have been freaking myself out about this show for months.

Not like I haven’t performed before.

Not like I don’t make myself vulnerable everyday with this whole public blog thing.

But even with all my ‘years of experience,’ I feel like a beginner when it comes to creating personal work.

Crazy that the one place I feel most comfortable – lost in music on a dance floor – is also the place that brings me the most amount of anguish when it becomes public.

Times sure are a changin’ though.

Up until recently, I would have given up already – returned to my comfortable world of doing other people’s work.

Instead, I’m trying to embrace the fact that my work may not be ‘good,’ but it’s honest, true, and it’s forever in-progress.

What more could I ask for?

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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