Day 171: Six.TwentyFive.13

At almost the half way point of this project, this resolution…

It has become such a part of my daily routine. So much so, that I don’t post everyday. (Huh?? You say.)

I am always thinking about what I am going to share – there’s never a day that goes by where I think I’m going to give up, or where something doesn’t happen worth posting about.

And yet, in recent weeks, I have taken to going several days without, and then all at once, filling in the gaps and posting all of the missing days all at once.

I don’t consider this cheating (particularly since I didn’t make any rules for myself when I started) but rather, this gives me a chance to develop what I want to ‘say’ more fully. It’s still that day’s events, just with a reflective quality.

Who knows how this project will continue to develop in the next six + months. All I do know is, each day brings something worthy of a post. And that’s a new perspective (on life) that I am so grateful to have.

Creativity finds us – if we let ourselves be found.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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