Day 210: Eight.Three.13

Dear CVS:

I bought post-its. What I walked out with is completely unacceptable:

CVS Receipt Campaign

In a time and place where everything is becoming digitized, why have you not figured out a way to stop printing these kinds of coupons?

In a time and place where there is so much emphasis on creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly products (that’s trendy now, right?), why have you not figured out a way to reduce your footprint?

Why is there not an app, or a way to create an account directly tied to your member reward card?

To give a bit of context: I purchased three items… My receipt has seven coupons.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate coupons. What I don’t appreciate – can’t get behind – are the amount of natural resources being wasted each and every day for people to, let’s be honest, throw away – recycle at best – these receipts.

I don’t know quite yet the best avenue to address this. I’m thinking a letter, a campaign perhaps, or maybe there’s already something being done to stop it? I’m going to start my research and find out. (If there is something being done, dear blog readers, please please comment and let me know!!) In the meantime, I just can’t shop at CVS anymore.

I have no factual basis for this, but I would imagine if my receipt is nearly as tall as I am, we could very quickly circle the earth with these CVS coupons if we all kept them. What a terrible, terrible waste.

This certainly isn’t a world issue – pressing and detrimental to survival – but it sure is a symptom of our consumer culture, and how desensitized we, as a culture are, to environmental stewardship – really truly taking care of our earth because it MATTERS. Not just because it’s trendy.

Dear CVS, please please please stop printing this out of control receipts.

We will all be better off for it.

Here’s to another day of creativity…