Day 81: Three.TwentySeven.13

I got into the studio today. Finally.

Here is the video as proof.

I had no direction, no intention. Only fear. Of not being good enough.

There is the mantra about practice – that as an artist our first many rounds of practice will not produce good art. It is only through repeated practice, and willingness to fail, that we will get any better at our craft. I know this. I believe in it. Except.

The thing is, I have never been good at letting myself fail. (Which keeps me from doing many, many things because I give up even before I give it, or myself a chance.)

I have also been at this dancing thing a long time. But hardly ever as the one pushing the creative vision. That’s what scares me. So the idea that I would now need to practice, and possibly produce not-so-good work along the way, is a difficult reality to swallow.

I’ve gotten much more comfortable SPEAKing here, on this blog, over the past 80 days, but that has yet to translate to my dancing. I’m working on it. This time, I’m not in the mood to give up.

Working Title: Uncover Us

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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