Day 173: Six.TwentySeven.13

The recorded version of this became the ‘music’ for my piece, recently performed at Love, Us 2013.

A Love Story

(for my someday child)


Part One

The truth is, I thought you would be here now.

In my younger years, I had life figured out.

You, your daddy and I, we live in a house. A yard, a dog, a fence, by now.

We count the ways we love, you, your daddy and I. Tea parties and swings and picnics by now.

The other truth is, I’m scared for you.

Life, perfect before you. For you.

Heal backs of hearts.

Matching dishes, wallpaper, 401ks.

Mend cracks in souls.

Ironed shirts, rolling pins, family trees.

I know now, there is no perfect. I will tell you this. Tell you to live.

Now. And everyday thereafter.

Part Two

Sing shout laugh cry. Be.

Scream dance hug laugh. Be.

Rejoice. You are powerful.

Speak. You are truth.

Pause. You are beauty.

Speak read share laugh. Be.

Dance laugh dance. Be.

Paint, bold. Learn the names of colors.

Forever cherish the shades that make us all magnificent. Brilliant.

Travel wander trust. Share.

Love. You are worthy.

I haven’t found your daddy yet.

But I promise he is kind, generous, loving.

He laughs, silly. Creates, and stays curious about the world.

We dance, you, your daddy and I.

We sing, you, your daddy and I.

And he loves you. All the way as much as I do.

Part Three

There is a mourning I didn’t allow myself to have.

Perhaps, I don’t want children.

Lips gasp back words as they tumble from dark within.

Steeled heart soldiers past mines deep within.

I have always, always wanted you.

I know this now.

I know, now. I am, now.

I promise, now.

To sing dance laugh. Be.

To trust hug cherish. Be.

To scream speak pause. Be.

Above all else, I promise to love you with all of my heart. And then some.

The truth is, I already do.


Here’s to another day of creativity…


Day 164: Six.Eighteen.13

I have two tickets to give away for the show I’m performing in next week. I know people in Philly. I could find two people to take them without much effort. Instead, I decided to be clever.

I created a social media campaign to reward fans.  A good reward, I thought.

They had to do a little work to get the tickets. Fun work, I thought.

I posted the info on facebook, created a blog post on my website, tweeted it… I even paid $5.00 to ‘boost’ the post. According to facebook stats, 1,724 people saw the post. Guess how many people took part?

Yup that’s right. 0.

I’m convinced that I can get people to participate in this kind of interactive effort. I know I’m no Kid President. But I’m holding out hope that I can figure out the recipe for collective and creative dialogue.

Love Us 2013

Love Us 2013


RSA Fans: to show you just how much we ♥ you… We are offering TWO FREE TICKETS to The 4th Annual Love, Us Grand Production, taking place on Wednesday, June 26th, 7:30pm @ The Rotunda in Philadelphia.

We’re sending you on a bit of a pre-show scavenger hunt, to get you as excited about the show as we are! Here’s how this works:

1. Check out all of the amazing performers (hint, click on the ReSourceArts profile pic)
2. Do some online searching and pick a YouTube (or other media) clip from one of the performers you particularly enjoy.
3. Post the link to our fb wall or tweet it to us (@resourcearts) with the hashtag #LoveUs2013
4. One fan will be randomly selected on Monday, June 24th and WIN TWO FREE TICKETS to the hottest performance of the summer!

Or, to purchase advanced, discounted tickets RIGHT NOW, click HERE!

We can’t wait to share the ♥ with you!!!!!

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 157: Six.Eleven.13

Open Mics can always go one of two ways. Let’s just say, I didn’t have any expectations about tonight.

I knew the feature was going to be fabulous. But other than that…

I was completely not prepared for the amount of talent and energy that filled the room. Every second Tuesday apparently.

  • Awesome feature. Check.
  • Awesome host. Check.
  • Awesome talent. Check.
  • Awesome energy from the crowd. Double check.

It just so happens that two of the poets I’ll be performing with on June 26th at Love Us, also based in DC, were just off their co-win (with the Philly team!) of the Southern Fried Poetry Slam. Team #treatyoself. They gave us a recap of the pieces throughout the night. Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic.

Seeing them made me ten-fold more nervous than I already am and at the same time ten-fold more excited to be sharing the stage with such a heartfelt group of performers.

Jive Poetic

Jive Poetic

Team Treat Yo Self

Team Treat Yo Self

Team Treat Yo Self - G Yamazawa

Team Treat Yo Self – G Yamazawa

Team Treat Yo Self & Host - Pages Matam

Team Treat Yo Self & Host – Pages Matam

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 144: Five.TwentyNine.13

One day in my future I wake up and I am brave.

Water flowing over rocks, I am fearless in pursuit of the twists and turns.

One day in my future I wake up and I am free.

Bird in flight, I am unapologetic in pursuit of the horizon and everything in between.

Until then, #ohthankgoodness for the brave people in my life. Who can share in abundance until I can find my own kind of free.


Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 142: Five.TwentySeven.13

Love Us 2013

Love Us 2013

So excited to be a part of this LOVEly lineup of talent.

So excited for you to come and experience the heART with us. Get advanced discounted tickets HERE.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 128: Five.Thirteen.13

Spreading the word and the love:

Love Us 2013

Love Us 2013

I’m pretty freaking excited to be participating in this, both as a performer and as a sponsor.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 109: Four.TwentyFour.13

I have wanted to choreograph to this song for a long time.

Now, the time feels really right.

Video from the studio. Nothing concrete, just some playing. Adapting previous choreography to the song.

Trying to internalize what moving closer to my dreams looks like in movement form.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 88: Four.Three.13

The perfectionist in me doesn’t want to share this video. The newly bold/brave/courageous/uninhibited me who started this blog in the first place is posting it anyway.

I got unnecessarily shy and nervous filming even just these mere 40 seconds. I’m like, tripping/falling all over myself. Eww.

I am having such a hard time stepping out of my ‘dancer’s block’ and embracing that I just am. being. No matter what comes out. The song is so hauntingly beautiful, in my opinion, and deserves movement that complements it. I don’t want to let anyone down – not myself, not my colleagues, not those who asked me to be part of this show. I have rushed ahead and told myself I won’t measure up, even before I have given myself a chance to explore the possibilities. A reminder that I need to slow. down. As usual.

This is day two of playing in the studio. I still have very little direction, but am going to trust that these small pieces, as disparate as they may seem, will come together into something ‘bigger than me’ (as the song in today’s video says.)

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 81: Three.TwentySeven.13

I got into the studio today. Finally.

Here is the video as proof.

I had no direction, no intention. Only fear. Of not being good enough.

There is the mantra about practice – that as an artist our first many rounds of practice will not produce good art. It is only through repeated practice, and willingness to fail, that we will get any better at our craft. I know this. I believe in it. Except.

The thing is, I have never been good at letting myself fail. (Which keeps me from doing many, many things because I give up even before I give it, or myself a chance.)

I have also been at this dancing thing a long time. But hardly ever as the one pushing the creative vision. That’s what scares me. So the idea that I would now need to practice, and possibly produce not-so-good work along the way, is a difficult reality to swallow.

I’ve gotten much more comfortable SPEAKing here, on this blog, over the past 80 days, but that has yet to translate to my dancing. I’m working on it. This time, I’m not in the mood to give up.

Working Title: Uncover Us

Here’s to another day of creativity…