Day 325: Eleven.TwentySix.13

A plan to have dinner with a friend and her family, many times rescheduled, turned instead into a collective feast amongst many friends. Hosted by our respective organizations, ReSourceArts and Contradiction Dance, we created an eventbrite and invited our facebook friends. For a donation of $5 apiece, our amazingly talented friend cooked the main course, and everyone else pitched in, potluck-style, to bring beverages, appetizers, sides, desserts…  The result was a completely casual and comforting celebration between friends, new and old.

As we move into this holiday season, it was a wonderful way to remember what we have to be so thankful for:

A chance to connect with REAL people in REAL life, savoring the delicious smells coming from the kitchen, tasting craft beers (one of which, we concurred tasted like Pine Sol), listening to good music that just makes you want to move, passing adorable babies from to one arm to another… For life, connected.

It’s these types of events I’m so happy to be creating these days.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 271: Ten.Three.13

Discovered new lunchtime eats, and views, at Taqueria Nacional.

Taqueria Nacional

Taqueria Nacional

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 263: Nine.TwentyFive.13

Lunch at Eatonville today, part of the Communal Table event series we’re trying out.

The food is beautifully prepared, and the walls are wonderfully inspired.




Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 255: Nine.Seventeen.13

It’s my mama’s birthday.

And I don’t take for granted for a minute how amazing it is to be able to celebrate with her on this day.

I also don’t for a minute take for granted how incredibly blessed I am to have a mother who loves me as much as she does.

Happy birthday mama

Mom and Me, many many moons ago

I find myself thinking of my grandmother more than usual this week. Missing her.

My dad’s mom, who passed away just over a year ago.

She used to make me eat all of my Brussels sprouts at holiday dinners before I could leave the table.

I hated Brussels sprouts. Don’t remember what actually ended up happening to them, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t. ever. finish them.

My mom and I ate at a fancy Ramen place tonight. I had this delicious blend of vegetables and broth and noodles. And my favorite part?

The crunchy, roasted Brussels sprout pieces nestled in my bowl. I know for certain that I ate them all.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 236: Eight.TwentyNine.13

Food. Friends. Another day of extending the birthday celebrations. Nothing better. Especially when one of those friends is a trained chef. Delicious.

Now if only natural bug repellant would actually keep the little creeps away.

Birthday on the Patio

Birthday on the Patio

Birthday on the Patio

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 234: Eight.TwentySeven.13

Thirty One.

What can I say?

It’s here. I am.

Last year, thirty, felt first like the end of the world as I approached, and then the beginning of a new world as I entered.

This year, with so many days of having people celebrate with me, the actual day didn’t feel much like anything other than a pretty great day.

Dinner, however, was spectacular.

And my mom’s tradition of ‘surprising’ me with a candle in my dessert just gets better with the years, too.

Especially this year when the entire restaurant decided to participate in the singing.

Birthday at Table DC

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 230: Eight.TwentyThree.13

My friend told me about Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. CUPCAKES. GENIUS. Art, for sure.

I not-so-subtly shared on facebook that they are all I want for my bday this year…

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 224: Eight.Seventeen.13

Another installment of the DC Artist Exchange:

DC Artist Exchange lunch

Lunch provided by ReSourceArts resident chef Tim Meadows

DC Artist Exchange walk

Walking Tour – Monroe Street Market Artist Studio

Walking tour - Dance Place under construction

Walking tour – Dance Place under construction

Walking tour - Dance Place under construction

Walking tour – Dance Place under construction

Here’s to another day of creativity…