Day 22: One.TwentySeven.13

I tried out Vine for the first time tonight. I figured I would jump on the bandwagon early and see if the hype was really all worth it. Turns out, it’s a pretty nifty little app. But, I’m warning you now, I don’t have the hang of it yet. I mean, it’s easy enough to point and shoot. But the saving it part, that’s where it gets a little tricky. Just like when I first started using Instagram and posted super goofy pics of my brother without realizing they were being published to my feed, so too did I post this first video without realizing I couldn’t go back and edit where I was posting it to. So it’s been saved to my Vine ‘feed’ (I have no followers but got a ‘like,’ ha!) Anyways, all that is to say, that I haven’t figured out how to post the nifty looped version of the video in here yet.

Instead, I just have the link I uploaded to Youtube. You can watch my first Vine attempt HERE.

A big shout-out to Matt Eyer for standing out in the freezing cold to video this for me.

This exercise had two purposes:

1. Learn how to use Vine. (Semi-successful)

2. Give you a 6-second teaser of my first choreo project. And another plug: This is your last shot at weighing in on which tune I set movement to for my first dance piece on this project. Don’t like what you see in the above video? Stop it before it multiplies. Like what you see? Make sure it quadruples. You can see the original song options I suggested in Day 17 and post your comment there. (Or here.) Tomorrow the choreo starts in earnest…

Oh! And in the spirit of being Ready For Love… Here’s a bonus photo for you, saw this heART on my way home from taping the Vine:

snow heART

Here’s to another day of creativity…