Day 333: Twelve.Four.13

Never is it a good idea to be gone for an entire week right before the first edition of a major event you are trying to throw.

But somehow, despite the sleep-deprived and crazy-running, it gets pulled off.

The Jump Off (Weekly Wednesday Night Party)

The Jump Off: Art by Juan Pineda

The Jump Off: Art by Juan Pineda

The Jump Off: Dj Toxsick

The Jump Off: Dj Toxsick

The Jump Off: Art by Juan Pineda

The Jump Off: Art by Juan Pineda

Here’s to another day of creativity…


Day 315: Eleven.Sixteen.13

This day made me appreciate the art of running a restaurant/bar in a way I just never, ever could have before being amidst the madness. Tonight marked a record number of people and purchased drinks.

There was so much opportunity for error. So many many things could have gone wrong. And yet, somehow, even though it looked quite like chaos based solely on the sheer number of people, everyone working managed to stay cool, calm and collected. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But at the very least, everyone on staff worked effortlessly as a team. It really was an incredible thing to watch – and be a part of.

And now, I want to sleep for three days straight.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 311: Eleven.Twelve.13

I spend a majority of my time these days thinking about space. My space. Community space. Other people’s awesome space. Most specifically, how we are going to convince people with space to give us that space. So we can turn it into awesome creative community space for all to benefit from.

Flash backwards a few weeks; my boss offered his space – a bar and restaurant – for us to run a weekly party. No begging. No coaxing. No strings attached. He just, well, tried to convince us we should take it.


I’m not a promoter, I thought.

I don’t know enough people who will come out on a Wednesday night and spend money at a bar to make this viable, I thought.

This isn’t my ideal space, I thought.

Flash forwards a few weeks; our party starts Wednesday, December 4th and I’m SO excited about it.

After talking to my collaborators, it became clear how insanely dumb it would be to pass up free, no strings attached space.

So what if it’s not exactly what I envision my space to look like, I thought.

We will make it exactly what we envision a creative party to be like, I thought.

We will find the people to come because it’s a great enough concept to get them there, I thought.

It will include all the ‘d’ things that make a party great – DJ, dancing, drink specials… Ours though. Ours will be focused on the ‘a’ things – the art and artists that make this city special. With a little out of the box thinking we have turned a usual thing into something that makes us at ReSourceArts all geeked out – highlighting all the awesome that’s coming out of the creative community in DC, sharing that with the DC community at large, and having everyone benefit from it. (Think art being sold, deals and specials on cool stuff being offered, raffles on one-of-a-kind pieces and experiences, all while there is great music playing and friendly bartenders pouring your favorite drinks…)

And the biggest lesson I have learned as I grow into my youthful years of wisdom; I don’t have to do all of this all alone. I’m amassing a small but mighty team with the skill sets to make this awesome.

More info on the party will be available HERE.

Here’s to another day of creativity…