Day 21: One.TwentySix.13

I didn’t grow up with much snow. And definitely not with for-real winters. When I first moved to the East, I was like a kid seeing the snow for the first time each winter. I always wanted to go out and play. (I tried, unsuccessfully, to go out in flips flops my first winter – how was a Cali girl to know?! until my bff set me straight.) Now, many moons later, the snow has mostly lost its appeal. I still enjoy seeing the light, fluffy flakes – from the warmth of somewhere inside that I don’t have to leave until it stops – I just don’t much care for the bitter cold. Like, at all. I continue to be awed, though, by natural ice sculptures.

Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculpture photo by me. Filter effects thanks to Camera+.

Here’s to another day of creativity…