Day 184: Seven.Eight.13

I’ve been struggling with the idea of ‘relationship’ more than usual lately.

What I’ve come to realize is that plain and simple, I just don’t want one unless it’s the fairytale kind.

Well, OK wait.  That’s actually not at all accurate.

I don’t need a man to ‘save’ me. Or fight for me. Or play a part in any kind of racist, sexist, classist, or any other ‘ist’ type of story. So fairytale is a misleading word. It’s just, I want the kind of thing that seems to happen so naturally in fairytales and girlie romantic movies; girl meets guy, guy professes undying love for girl, they live in true, devoted bliss for the rest of their days.

More than anything, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want the kind of relationship where we both are continually growing and loving and improving because of our partnership, not in spite of it. And I’m learning I’m not so sure I know how to be a part of that. I so want to learn how to be, though.

Meet my friends, the HODESH family. A reminder that a lifetime of love, happiness, and joy DOES indeed exist. It’s no fairytale, either. It’s real and inspiring. Their adventurous ways and love of life and each other is evident in everything they do. From the pictures they post, the words they say and write, to the places they travel, and the actions they take in and for this world.

I have known them as a couple now for the better part of a decade and while, granted, I haven’t seen them in person in many days (years?!) too long, their spirit is contagious. Even through these sometimes impersonal modern-age staying in touch modes such as instagram and tubmlr.

They have just brought a beautiful baby girl into this world. The photos and updates I have received thus far melt my heart. OK to be fair, all baby pictures are heart-melting. But the added thing these two super-people bring to the equation – something I can’t quite put into words but am doing my best to here – makes their sweet little one even that much more irresistibly heart-melting.

I’m so incredibly overjoyed for them.

I am hopeful that this un-fairytale kind of love will find me when the time is right.

Here’s to another day of creativity…