Day 338: Twelve.Nine.13

When the Goddard beauties convene, there is just no way to not be pulled into their magic. They feed me. And inspire me. And make my insides hurt from laughter. They offer a comfort that just doesn’t even make sense. The rest of the world just seems to stand still when our worlds collide. It’s becoming a semi-yearly tradition, and I am sososo thankful for this thing I didn’t even know how to articulate before these spontaneous encounters began. These life-changing women who are changing life out in the world.

Friend Meal

Friend Art

Friend Laughs

Here’s to another day of creativity…


Day 195: Seven.Nineteen.13

I haven’t slept or gotten much work done or eaten healthily. But I’ve been filled up on something just as important these past few days: the friendship of wildly powerful, generous, spirited beings. My Goddard Women.

Here is my heartfelt, if perhaps slightly sleep-deprived facebook post dedicated to my for-life Women:

It turns out the magic of the ‪#‎goddardesses‬ does not only live in Vermont. It’s a powerful thing to have these ladies in your corner. It makes you ready to take on the world. I’m terribly sad this ‪#‎dmvsleepova‬ is coming to an end but I wouldn’t trade the last few days for the world. These women are a life force and I am grateful to be amongst them.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 106: Four.TwentyOne.13

It’s Earth Day.

I’m ashamed to say I forgot for most of it.

I did do this in advance, knowing that I would be celebrating the accomplishments of some of my most cherished women, on their college graduation day:

Earth Day

I am in the middle of the woods with the kind of people that are changing the world through their every fiber. Their fingertips and neurons spark deep connections in this earth. They are healing our world. A slow, sometimes lonely process. Without a guarantee that others will join. They continue forward anyway, knowing there is no other choice.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 105: Four.Twenty.13

I had forgotten the power, the sheer force, of the darkness of this place.

I mean the absence of light, sun, day. The kind of darkness that doesn’t happen in the city.

The stars, the quiet, the comfort.

I mean that in contrast to the beautiful light that emanates from here.

The time alone, processing, brain-breathing time.

I used to know this darkness. Backpacking trips with my father. Filled with stars. And early morning dew.

Life as a city girl has all but faded these memories.

I am grateful to reconnect with this beauty, this darkness.

I am grateful.

I am grateful.

Those words repeat themselves every time I am here.

Goddard College - The Darkness

Goddard College – The Darkness

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 68: Three.Fourteen.13

I put the ART in procrastination.

Specifically when the stakes are high, I’m intensely stressed/nervous/insecure about said project, am down to the wire, or better yet, am all of the above. Just ask my beloved advisor from Goddard, who suffered through my lengthy thesis journey with me.

In this particular case, I’m trying to tackle my first choreographic project in several years, for a show this June. I posted my first visions of that piece two days ago. I’m not particularly happy with it. Last night, instead of continuing to work on that piece, with a specific deadline and specific pressure, I began envisioning a concept for another piece – one I set in motion many months ago.

I was inspired by a musician-friend’s song. Listening to him perform it, it just called out for choreography. I want to create a piece and perform it with him singing live. I told him so, which means I can’t back out of it now. He recently reminded me that uh, I haven’t made it happen. Yet.

I’m thinking it will be a solo, at least for now. And it involves a chair. Specifically, I saw a backwards flip/roll/thingy off of the chair, to the ground. In my mind, it looks waaaaay awesomer than this video may lead you to believe. But I promise O, I’ll keep working on it. And some actual choreography, too. Ha.

The song, Golden Cage, is number three on The Divine Game EP. You can listen (and then purchase!) HERE. (Just scroll down the page a bit.)

Here’s to another day of creativity…