Day 341: Twelve.Twelve.13

What a brilliant – and beautiful – way to stay connected as a family when distance gets in the way. This? Over facebook or messaging any day.

Dad Finishes Kid’s Drawings

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 255: Nine.Seventeen.13

It’s my mama’s birthday.

And I don’t take for granted for a minute how amazing it is to be able to celebrate with her on this day.

I also don’t for a minute take for granted how incredibly blessed I am to have a mother who loves me as much as she does.

Happy birthday mama

Mom and Me, many many moons ago

I find myself thinking of my grandmother more than usual this week. Missing her.

My dad’s mom, who passed away just over a year ago.

She used to make me eat all of my Brussels sprouts at holiday dinners before I could leave the table.

I hated Brussels sprouts. Don’t remember what actually ended up happening to them, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t. ever. finish them.

My mom and I ate at a fancy Ramen place tonight. I had this delicious blend of vegetables and broth and noodles. And my favorite part?

The crunchy, roasted Brussels sprout pieces nestled in my bowl. I know for certain that I ate them all.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


Day 76: Three.TwentyTwo.13

For Sean and Katie, on a day where there is nothing else to do but FEEL.

It hurts.

A kind of pain that you can’t describe, or share. You can’t know it until you do. And when you do, you only wish you didn’t.

There is no way to prepare.

No amount of steeling yourself, saying your goodbyes, recalling the memories from happier days can make you ready.

I don’t know the right words to say.

As your big sister, I want to be able to take the pain away – have you not feel it in the first place. Since I can’t, I am instead trying to think of what I would have wanted to hear a year ago, when we were all feeling a similar grief.

There are no words.

No hug is strong enough, soft enough, long enough, to dissipate the missing and sadness left by a loved one no longer with us.

I offer my hugs anyway.

Today, when I feel millions of miles away, not just the two-thousand-something that really do stretch between us, I hope you can feel my hugs reach across all of that time and space. And even though they can’t take the pain away, they do serve as a reminder that family, however it is defined, is EVERYTHING.

All I can think to share is this photo.

The one I took of the flower arrangement from Markey’s service.

markey flowers

A reminder of life, and beauty, and hope, and above all else, the sanctity of family. This picture reminds me of our family, coming together under difficult circumstances, more united and loving than ever.

A love that never, ever, leaves us.

I am sending that love to you today. And on all days. May you feel, deeply, love and joy and happiness, even amongst the pain.

Here’s to another day of creativity…