Day 182: Seven.Six.13

I started thinking about what it would take for people – en masse that is, because I know there are plenty of art lovers/aficionados that already DO – to pay for art programming in the same way that they do for say, a meal out or drinks at a bar. Without thinking much about it. With a sense of spontaneity and adventure, in the same way they might select a new restaurant or drink off of a menu. (Trying different varieties of food on different nights, different flavors, in different parts of the city. And, leaving tips without thinking about it. The food and service was good? Leave a tip, duh!!)

I’ve started thinking about this because: I’m working on building an organization that relies on people paying for art programming. (Good stuff. Interesting, unique, soul-touching, accessible, great art. Of all kinds.)

I’ve also started thinking about this because: for the first time in my life, I’m working in a restaurant/bar and making almost – almost – more in my not-full-time hours than I ever did in any of my full-and-a-half-time jobs in the non-profit/education sectors.

I don’t have an answer. I’m just hoping I can continue to build a delicious recipe that will entice people to try our brand of art over and over again.

Then I heard THIS story on NPR. Seriously. The timing couldn’t have been more amazing. I am totally smitten (in a purely professional way, of course) with Dan Pallotta and what he has/is doing to revolutionize thinking about ‘doing good’ as a profession. I’m definitely about to do some more (professional, of course) research on his company, work, and philosophy…

Here’s to another day of creativity…