Day 236: Eight.TwentyNine.13

Food. Friends. Another day of extending the birthday celebrations. Nothing better. Especially when one of those friends is a trained chef. Delicious.

Now if only natural bug repellant would actually keep the little creeps away.

Birthday on the Patio

Birthday on the Patio

Birthday on the Patio

Here’s to another day of creativity…


Day 232: Eight.TwentyFive.13

Created this flyer to let the facebook friends know it’s time to party…

SoHo bday

Photo by Aanya Photography. Styling by Styled by Ali.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 231: Eight.TwentyFour.13

I kind of love celebrating my birthday. I stretch it out for as long as I can. Not so much because I need people to celebrate ME, but rather, because I love planning parties, and love even more celebrating – anything – with good friends, good music, good fun. And dancing. Of course dancing.

This isn’t any kind of milestone year. It’s just kind of a weird number, actually.

But I’m happy to be celebrating another year of life. A new year of adventures. And most importantly, a re-connection to myself. I feel more like myself at 31 – happier to be, to live, to dream – than I ever was at 21, or even at 30 for that matter.

Oh what a year can do.

I also am so appreciative for the man who carded me the other night and then told me I most definitely did not look 30. So it begins. I’ll happily take it.

I never thought I would be happy – proud even – to be in my 30s (I almost had a complete meltdown this time last year when I was saying goodbye to my 20s). But now, I’m ready to embrace all that life has in store for me. 31, here I come.

Here’s to another day of creativity…