Day 46: Two.Twenty.13

I DID NOT want to get off my couch and go into the cold tonight. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately – not getting up and out when I don’t absolutely need to. But tonight, I made myself go to a dance class. I knew I would be happy I did, (and sore the next day), but that doesn’t make it any easier in the moment.

It was the “Groove Factory” Open house dance class hosted by the Community Education Center (CEC) & Funky Sole Fundamentals. The class is held every Wednesday through March 27th, and taught by two of Rennie Harris’ company members, Kyle “JustSole” Clark & Dinita “Princess Di” Askew. The below photo is courtesy of Dinita Askew. Silly, silly pic of me, but it at least it adds a visual to me otherwise just writing about dancing…

Funky Sole Fundamentals Class. Photo courtesy of Dinita Askew.

Funky Sole Fundamentals Class. Photo courtesy of Dinita Askew.

I then went to watch Beyonce’s new documentary, “Life Is But A Dream” I am a huge Beyonce fan. I enjoyed watching the movie, although it’s certainly important to keep in mind the entire thing was produced and directed by her, so it’s hard to be objective. There were also some moments where I didn’t quite understand the story she was trying to tell us. Let me tell you this, though; it made me want to get up and DANCE. I mean, I know my opportunity to dance WITH Beyonce may never come (a girl can dream), but that feeling, of getting up on stage after rehearsing and polishing and refining… THAT, I want again. I’m ready.

And on a final note, I think I actually prefer this video, the inspiration behind Beyonce’s fourth album.

Here’s to another day of creativity…