Day 360: Twelve.ThirtyOne.13

I really enjoy getting my nails done. The gel polish kind. I’m terrible at doing my own nails, and impatient, often impulsive, and not particularly dainty about my everyday life, so the gel thing just works. For weeks at a time.

It’s terrible for me and the environment and there are other things I could be spending my money on I know.

Today I tried my hand at recreating the last look I had done – one sparkly finger on each hand. Still left over from my Nutcracker days, this vile of craft glitter has come in handy on many an occasion.

Happy + Sparkles + All that good stuff

Happy + Sparkles + All the good stuff

Here’s to another day of creativity…


Day 299: Ten.ThirtyOne.13

You might think, based on my life as a dancer/performer I would like to dress up for Halloween.

You might think, based on my interest in creating things – all types of things – that I would like to make Halloween costumes.

You would be wrong on both accounts.

I’ve never been much into the holiday.

This bit of glitter was just about as festive as I was willing to get. Because really, who doesn’t love to glitterize once in awhile?

Or, as a friend answered when someone was harassing me about being ‘too cool’ for Halloween, I’m “Glitter and Spice and Everything Nice.” Yup, I’ll go with that…

Halloween glitter

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 208: Eight.One.13

August One. How did that happen?

My day. Part One:

Food shopping for this Saturday’s lunch, part of the DC Artist Exchange event series.

I know this is not out of the ordinary for many, many people, but this pretty fruit was totally new to me. (It’s not going into the meal, I just couldn’t help but take the photos.)

DC Artist Exchange - Food ShoppingDC Artist Exchange - Food Shopping

My day. Part two:

I was contacted by Lyft and invited to their launch party.

Like. Wait a second, they found me. Me. Or well, ReSourceArts to be exact. And they are interested in partnering on upcoming events. Like. That’s pretty cool. I’m still not certain exactly how they found me, but I’m excited they did. Their community, friendly, eco-sensitive, and for sure fashionable approach to ride-sharing seems to line up with all we stand for. They seemed to think so, too.

Their party was packed.

Their signature is a ginormous pink mustache drivers put on the grill of their car. They had some decked out ones for the launch. They gave us bracelets. They had arts and crafts stations. Need I say more? Arts and crafts people. Good times. Good partnerships to come, I can feel it.


Lyft Launch PartyLyft Launch Party

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 106: Four.TwentyOne.13

It’s Earth Day.

I’m ashamed to say I forgot for most of it.

I did do this in advance, knowing that I would be celebrating the accomplishments of some of my most cherished women, on their college graduation day:

Earth Day

I am in the middle of the woods with the kind of people that are changing the world through their every fiber. Their fingertips and neurons spark deep connections in this earth. They are healing our world. A slow, sometimes lonely process. Without a guarantee that others will join. They continue forward anyway, knowing there is no other choice.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 54: Two.TwentyEight.13

I have been running around like crazy trying to get loose ends tied up before I leave tomorrow: Leave things at work tied with a pretty little bow for my successor; take care of my life details so nothing can come unraveled; wrap my feelings up tight so I don’t have a moment to think about the major shift that is taking place beneath me, within me, above me.

I haven’t felt like any of it has been particularly creative. I don’t have much to report tonight. But my students and coworkers, they created such sweet cards. I share those. As well as a few pieces of 14-year-old wisdom that they have offered:

Goodbye Cards - Middle School Style

Goodbye Cards – Middle School Style

1, “Dance is the answer” (I already knew that one, but glad to have a middle schooler reaffirm it)
2. “Once a Young Scholar, always a Young Scholar”
3. I am… “da bomb”

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 42: Two.Sixteen.13

Today was my moving party. Well, more accurately my going away party. I love entertaining – mostly the decor and ambiance side of things. I also did the cooking (it was all edible, hooray)! Event planning is a career track I could see myself enjoying. If I didn’t have this innate need to do something philanthropic that is. Although, I suppose the event and party planning I do through my non-profit career, as well as my own organization totally fits the bill for creating parties for good.

Moving Party

Moving Party

At this particular party, I set up a Kraft Korner – a ton of random crafting goods I have accumulated, that I didn’t want to pack and take with me. I was expecting a few friends to indulge me and decorate a candle holder or something. I had NO idea the ENTIRE crew would get into it and create some of the coolest pieces of re-purposed art around! (mobile, framed drawing and collage, bouquets of flowers…) Instead of getting rid of things, I now have even more to pack because they all left their amazing pieces for me, sigh!

Kraft Korner Delights!

Kraft Korner Delights!

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 39: Two.Thirteen.13

I have a jumble of things I have accumulated in my apartment – handy at one time or another – that I no longer wish to drag with me from one place to the next.

Throw them into a landfill you say? No way, not me.

So. In advance of my going away party this weekend, I have assembled them strategically in the alcove where my tv is supposed to sit. (The tv is part of the collection I am parting with.) Tonight I made a sign, out of materials I had lying around, that reads, “Take Me Home Tonight.” My hope is that the combination of my clever (hehe) Valentine’s Day-themed craft project, coupled with copious amounts of yummy drinks we will be serving up will have people taking pity on me, and then taking home my no-longer-needed goods.

Take Me Home Tonight Craftiness

Take Me Home Tonight Craftiness

That’s right Mother Earth, I’m looking out for YOU.

Here’s to another day of creativity…

Day 34: Two.Eight.13

Nothing particularly fancy or deep tonight.

I’m having a going away party next weekend, and today I re-purposed a page of last year’s calendar (which might be my all time favorite wall calendar, besides the ones my step-mom makes, that is) into place cards for the food I’m making.

Re-purposed Calendar Crafts

Re-purposed Calendar Crafts

Here’s to another day of creativity…