Day 337: Twelve.Eight.13

I haven’t had the urge to be writing.

Not only am I falling behind in a major way (just as I’m reaching the end of this year-long commitment to myself – which is telling, as I often get oh-so-close to the end of things only to halt before completing the final steps) but also, when I am posting, I hardly have words.

Maybe it’s a phase. I will try not to judge myself too harshly. Though I am already failing in that department. I set no ‘rules’ here for myself after all. So who am I to say I’m failing?

Maybe I have become self-conscious. Who knows why? I have already posted such personal things in this completely open space. What now would make me become shy?

In any event, I am doing my very best to keep motivated and push forward. On here. In life in general. Today it’s an uphill climb.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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