Day 300: Eleven.One.13

Most people don’t understand why I like gray days. Not all the time, mind you. But the rain, ah the feeling of life kissing your cheeks as you raise your sights to the skies, there’s nothing else quite like it.

I particularly like taking city walking tours on overcast, stormy (not torrential downpour-like, but misty, hazy, slightly-soggy-like) days.

Some of my favorite travel memories (and photos) are the ones taken in the rain. Cuba. Montreal. Stinson Beach.

The light and the water make it possible to see details that might otherwise be missed. Weathered woodwork of an old door, rusting iron gates, even the multidimensional color palette of a city street tapestry.

I didn’t have time for a proper walking tour today, but snapped a few photos on my runnings around:

DC on a gray day

DC on a gray day

Union Kitchen Street Art

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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