Day 274: Ten.Six.13

I potentially successfully talked a choreographer-friend out of using me in his upcoming video choreography.

Here’s how the scenario went down:

  1. Friend tells me he’s in town, teaching class, scouting for people to be in his concept video
  2. I tell friend I will be there
  3. Post on facebook that I am super excited to take class, while simultaneously putting myself down and saying I will be dancing in the back and please don’t laugh too much at the ‘old lady’
  4. Take class, mostly enjoy myself, a little bit get frustrated with myself that my memory skills are not up to par with where they used to be
  5. Ask friend to let me attend his rehearsals, promise to stand in the back and let him know I’m not in any way expecting to take part in the actual video
  6. Attend rehearsal, continue to be overwhelmed by the desire to be IN the video
  7. Dance smaller than I know I’m capable of, simply because it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, this world of self-doubt
  8. Get moved into a place in the piece (maybe I will be in it after all?!)
  9. Find out at the end of rehearsal that I may – or may not – be in it still…
  10. Let friend know I will HAVE the choreography by the time of the shoot, if that’s what he’s worried about, but understand if he doesn’t put me in for stylistic reasons
  11. Leave, feeling mostly defeated – by myself

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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