Day 266: Nine.TwentyEight.13

I am to perform a solo in front of the waterfall at the FDR Memorial today. Originally set to ‘Brother Can You Spare A Dime?’ but performed today, with no music. The theme is that of struggle – what we face as artists. What we give up, sacrifice, are willing to do to be fulfilled by the ability to move, dance, create.

FDR Memorial

I will dance anywhere, anytime, to any music.

But it has suddenly occurred to me that I am afraid to perform this piece.

It’s almost certain we will be stopped.

I’m afraid to upset people, disrupt the serenity of this place.

Our intentions are pure – we wish to share a bit of joy and beauty and art with passersby. We mean no ill will. It’s part of a larger collection of movement and dance throughout the city, called #danceaboutdc. Such a great idea – you purchase a ticket and then are emailed instructions on where to go to ‘find’ the dancing. We all love a secret location. This is fun. Happy-making.

And yet, I feel afraid.

What does this make me, then? If I am not willing to risk a little bit of personal discomfort for my art form?

We were indeed stopped. The compromise was us moving to a public piece of land outside of the memorial. Not the same effect, but safe and upstanding and non-fear-inducing.

I won’t ever be the kind of person who fights. It’s just not in my nature. But I do hope the brave pieces of me continue to develop. Today, maybe, I partially succeeded in this.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


One thought on “Day 266: Nine.TwentyEight.13

  1. Good for you–it does take bravery! And artists do struggle. I’m thinking of a clip I saw recently of the first three African Americans captured on video–they were buck dancing, listed as “comical darkies.” I saw it as part of a recent show at the Kennedy Center, one of the local commissioning project pieces by Urban Artistry (do you know them?), Good Foot Dance Company, and Baakari Wilder. I wrote about it here, if you care to see more:

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