Day 260: Nine.TwentyTwo.13

I attend dance performances at a far smaller ratio as compared to all other arts eventings.

My reasoning is that I can’t afford the shows I would want to see on a regular basis. And the ones I can… well, I just frankly don’t want to attend. Completely hypocritical? Yes. I’m admitting my shortcomings here in hopes of redeeming myself I suppose.

It’s just, I guess, much easier for me to forgive less-than-stellar art in other genres. Appreciate it for its effort, even.

In the genre I have been trained in my entire life, the one I most associate myself with, it’s almost a physical reaction when I witness work that isn’t well articulated, thought out, heartfelt. This in no way makes me some kind of expert on the subject. Just too close to the art form to be objective.

Witnessing work that IS well articulated, thought out, heartfelt, however, is such a spectacular experience.

Let’s just say I witnessed some of both kinds tonight.

And thus the struggle to support dance and dancers in a legitimate way while maintaining my integrity and spirit continues…

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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