Day 256: Nine.Eighteen.13

I have been slowly rising from my funk. And in the midst have made some new commitments to myself. I have wanted to fight them every step of the way – breaking habits, learning new ways, can be just so darned hard. Even the simplest ones.

I have gone to 6:15am yoga classes the past two days in a row. (I HATE mornings.) I wish I liked – loved – them but my entire being just rebels.

I went to the last outdoor film screening of the season on U Street tonight:

U St Movie Screening - Cool Disco Dan

That, in itself, isn’t something I had to push myself to do – I go to events all the time.

It was the fact that I didn’t have anyone to go with me that caused the disruption in my psyche. I can usually drag or bribe someone into coming with me. But my go-to, up-for-anything bestie is still off on an adventure of his own, and no one else was available… I just, well, don’t like doing things by myself. I wish I did. But it makes me uncomfortable and self conscious. So I generally avoid it. I almost went home. But I forced myself. And you know what?

I survived.

6:15am yoga on the other hand? I’m still working on surviving that…

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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