Day 248: Nine.Ten.13

It is my wholehearted intention to share art and creativity with folks. I know, totally know, that once I get people into one of my events, they will feel it. Be inspired by it. Want more of it. This isn’t bragging – it’s not my art I’m working to share, after all. It’s just plain old fact – the people I have the lovely good fortune of knowing and working with are just uber talented and can’t help but cast their spell over those in attendance.

So why, then, is it so hard to get people to sign up for my events? (My organization’s events, really, but it’s hard to not take it personally.)

We had a successful end to the DC Artist Exchange series from a programming perspective. Attendance was light. (These were FREE events, and some even included FREE, homemade, delicious FOOD!!)

We are having to cancel tomorrow’s Reel Talk. Ticket sales were far too light.

My bff described it as such; it’s like the awkward phase of growing a hairstyle out. It started with a good idea, and it will be oh-so-lovely in the near future, but that in between time, of trying to build this thing – it’s uncomfortable and awkward.

Now these things I know:

  • I have to be in one spot, building and building and building. This requires patience.
  • I am trying to do something new, so the loyalty will be slow going. This requires patience.
  • There are going to be near failures before large successes. This requires patience.

We don’t hear about this part of building a small business often. If we do, it’s after the fact, when successful business owners have overcome their early setbacks.

But what to do when we’re right in the middle of it?

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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