Day 235: Eight.TwentyEight.13

I manage to take situations – both good and bad – and determine exactly how they are going to play out in their entirety, all up in my head.

Like by the time date one is over, I’ve already concluded how the rest of our lives are going to go.

I know this is a typical way for women to think about relationships. Or at least, amongst my circle it’s fairly common. But I do it with everything. EveryThing.

It’s exhausting.

Saves little room for exploring and discovering and appreciating.

A lack of patience is something I’ve always struggled with, and in this instance it seems no different.

Except, this time, I’m hoping it can – I can – be different.

So that I can enjoy date two and three and… four? Who knows?

Not me. Because I haven’t thought as far as date four yet, of course.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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