Day 214: Eight.Seven.13

I’m really into this idea of sharing.

I dig it.

As an artist and arts organization director, mostly.

The sharing of ideas. Materials. Resources. Space. Secrets.

It will make us all more creative and more able to function successfully if we pool our strengths.

This new idea that came to me, though, this might be taking the sharing level to a crazy place.

I have this car. His name is Maxwell (Mad Max, or just Max for short.)

It’s a funky car. Some people say it looks like a marshmallow, or a milk truck.

It’s a good car. It runs well. It’s roomy. It gets fairly good gas mileage.

I have been thinking about selling it now that I’m back in Washington, DC.

Both for financial and environmental reasons.

I’m cutting my driving habits down – taking the bus, the metro, walking, and now using Lyft.

But having a car really is kind of awesome when you need a car.

So. Here comes the crazy part.

What if I were to SHARE Max?

Not like me driving people around. Cause I really don’t want to drive any more than I need to.

But what if I found one or two people who wanted to pay a monthly rate to legitimately SHARE my car?

There are some logistics to work out, of course; a schedule, where Max would stay at night, how we get him from one person to another, insurance for all involved. And I would need to be fairly good friends with these people, I imagine. I would need to trust them with my (expensive) baby. And create a contract. But. Just think about this for a minute: what if?

There are people in this city who could benefit from having a car without having to purchase their own. And I would benefit from the shared financial responsibility.

So tell me. Is this crazy talk? Or straight up genius?

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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