Day 185: Seven.Nine.13

I used to think bigger was better.

Events. People.
I used to think bigger events, were better.

Now, I’m starting to see that there’s nothing wrong with starting out small and building something lasting and worthwhile instead.

I’m realizing I won’t ever be an ‘Ideavirus’ unleasher, as described by Seth Godin. I read the book. I thought, maybe, I could be that, do that. And up until, well, tonight maybe, it made me sad that I didn’t seem to possess the magic to get everybody to jump on board and flock to my idea, event, etc.

That’s never been my way.
I don’t have a million viewers on my blog. I don’t have a thousand people like my Instagram photos.

But I have a steady group of people who support and encourage and attend, and that means more these days.

I have an event this Thursday – the kickoff for a monthly series my friend and I developed, called Reel Talk. (Food, Film, and Forward-Action Conversations.) We capped it at 15 people (it’s taking place at our friends house and includes cooking and watching an independent film.)

We have… five people registered. All of them are friends or family of those of us putting on the event.

Instead of feeling bad about this in the way I would have in the past, I see this as an opportunity. We have no idea if this idea will go well or not. (We have a hunch it will – WE believe in the idea of gathering people around a thought-provoking movie and delicious meal to get some connections and positive action happening.) But we don’t really know how it will be received. So starting with five people – whom we all know – will allow us to test it out and refine it in order to build the event’s success over time. It will be the right five people at the right time and will allow us to grow into ourselves as an organization. And this is all good.

In another first – I didn’t over-extend myself money-wise for this event. We kept the price low enough to get people to register but charged enough to cover our costs. This is a huge in my world. Huge I tell you.

So two pats on the back for me, for altering the way I approach my work.

And two more for continuing to charge forward with the work I believe in. Even when it feels so hard to do so.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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