Day 99: Four.Fourteen.13

This blog has been a personal journey, to be sure. But also, very much a public one. The changes that are occurring within me, around me, by me… would not BE if this was simply a journal project never to be shared.

I am grateful for every like, for every follower. I feel a community amongst complete strangers that is somehow, well, comforting. And inspiring. I am often surprised by which posts receive likes. And I am glad for this – that it is not a formula, that I can’t predict what will be appreciated. It helps me to keep doing me, without focusing too much on what others might want to see, hear, read…

But then there’s this other side.

It is almost certain that the most intensely personal, raw, vulnerable posts (whether they be my writing or dancing) end up with the least amount of likes.

This is my true test.

I am pushing myself to find my voice, and my space to SPEAK in this world regardless of what I think others may think about it.

So I will keep it up. And be as grateful for the void, the silence, as I am for the likes and follows and comments.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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