Day 74: Three.Twenty.13

I have moved to DC three times. Once on purpose and two times as well, un-on-purpose as one can actually MOVE to a location. In other words, I didn’t know I intended to come back to this place. And yet, here I keep finding myself.

I still don’t know that this is the place I see myself ‘settling down’ for the rest of my life – the way many people seem to just KNOW they want to live somewhere. I’m not even sure what that would look or feel like. I have been a bit of a nomad all of my life. The thought of permanence is one I sometimes wish for, but am not sure how to embrace. Or even if I really DO want to embrace it.

If truth be told, in an ideal world I would be bi-coastal (better yet, tri-worldal?!) But for right now, this move, as uncomfortable as it is in some ways, feels so right in many others.

Most of the time moving means starting over, reinventing. Proving who you are, how you fit in, why you are there. There’s always a lot of explaining. People don’t know your past, or your hopes for the future. Many times I find a move means your new group of people isn’t aware of a significant piece of your life. And those whom you left in the last move are not always aware of the new piece of your life. It becomes tricky to maintain relationships in which all pieces of yourself are represented. This time around, I don’t have any of that weighing me down. I have come back to family and bestest of friends and colleagues who have been with me every step of my starting over, reinventing. Proving. They know – sometimes with more certainty than I feel – that I am headed in the right direction.This is not something to be taken lightly – I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to reconnect with those I cherish, and those that cherish me.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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