Day 72: Three.Eighteen.13

I recently told a colleague – a dancer I admire very much – that I was back in DC “trying to figure out my life.” His response?

Take your time.

Such a simple statement and yet, it had never occurred to me.

True story.

My life has forever been so much about how quickly I can get things done, make things happen, accomplish, move on, move up, speed up time… that I don’t think I have ever, ever. ever stopped to think about how important it is to s l  o   w   down once in awhile.

I am particularly fighting one of my closest demons these days. I have been in DC for exactly 18 days (well, almost a week of that was actually spent in Philly, so technically more like 13 days) and I am not settled into a job, my own place, a routine. I haven’t gotten my business up and running and become self-employed. How can that be? How have I not gotten EVERYthing figured out by now?

I am fighting the temptation to become disheartened and self-depreciating.

Instead, I am trying to embrace the idea that I am exactly where I need to be – in time, and space, and spirit – in order to move forward (in time, at the right speed).

What a simple, and yet completely profound, state of mind. I aspire.

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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