Day 50: Two.TwentyFour.13

Several months ago I responded to a facebook post from my favorite local coffee shop looking for someone to help them when they host private events. I help out maybe once every few months or so. It’s not at all my background – I have never worked in the service industry – but I truly enjoy the few times I have done this. Here’s why:

One Shot Cafe - Private Event

One Shot Cafe – Private Event

While I had absolutely nothing to do with the delicious food displayed in the above picture, I do get to help make it all look pretty. My Virgo, party-planning skills put to good use.

The owners, and all of the staff, work hard and believe in what they do. It shows in everything, from the decor to the delicious coffee and food. This is why I enjoy hanging out there so much, and why I enjoy being a part of these events. It’s a wonderful philosophy and one I hope to take with me as I move into new career endeavors:

do what you love, and do it the best that you possibly can (and then some).

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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