Day 45: Two.Nineteen.13

Today’s post is for Angel Stone – friend and fearless fitness goddess.

After watching her video I tweeted how much I heart broccoli and her… and promised a poem. This is my ode… to broccoli.


For the Love of Broccoli:

Some say you taste like dirt.

I say, you will make me look prettier in my skirt.

Some say you don’t taste good raw.

I say, however you are served, you have no flaw.

Some say you smell like farts.

I say, gosh I wish I could back you up on this one. But it’s true.

No matter, broccoli of mine.

Because forever, you and I will shine.

— Now go watch Angel’s video and cook yourself up some broccoli LoVe!!


Here’s to another day of creativity…


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