Day 42: Two.Sixteen.13

Today was my moving party. Well, more accurately my going away party. I love entertaining – mostly the decor and ambiance side of things. I also did the cooking (it was all edible, hooray)! Event planning is a career track I could see myself enjoying. If I didn’t have this innate need to do something philanthropic that is. Although, I suppose the event and party planning I do through my non-profit career, as well as my own organization totally fits the bill for creating parties for good.

Moving Party

Moving Party

At this particular party, I set up a Kraft Korner – a ton of random crafting goods I have accumulated, that I didn’t want to pack and take with me. I was expecting a few friends to indulge me and decorate a candle holder or something. I had NO idea the ENTIRE crew would get into it and create some of the coolest pieces of re-purposed art around! (mobile, framed drawing and collage, bouquets of flowers…) Instead of getting rid of things, I now have even more to pack because they all left their amazing pieces for me, sigh!

Kraft Korner Delights!

Kraft Korner Delights!

Here’s to another day of creativity…


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