Day 20: One.TwentyFive.13

I love food. Well. Not all food. I’m a vegetarian for starters, and a picky one at that. The fact that I don’t love all veggies mystifies many of my non-veggie friends. Isn’t that a requirement of BEING a vegetarian after all? Apparently not. So let me rephrase: I love YUMMY vegetarian food.

I’m not much of a cook though. I mean sure I CAN cook. I just don’t do it very often. When it comes to design, I can take a look around a room and just somehow make things go together to form a pretty vignette. That skill didn’t carry over into the food realm, however. I can’t look in a fridge and come up with fanciful concoctions based on what’s available. I can’t improvise in the kitchen. I also have a dark past when it comes to kitchen utensils. (Case in point: I once cut off the tip of my thumb with a cheese slicer. To this day I don’t own a cheese slicer, nor do I ever plan to use one again.) Finally, as we learned in Day 17, I’m not big on patience. So when I’m hungry, I want to eat right then and there. But when I have a recipe in front of me, a sprinkle of in-short-supply patience, and a dash of ambition, I have been known to cook up some delicious dishes.

So while the below picture may not look like other people’s versions of creativity, let me assure you, it was my daily dose for sure. Also, cheese makes everything better. Everything. (Wine doesn’t hurt either.)


Here’s to another day of creativity…


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